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X usuuM.XBiHXmax. virion nam R i^nnTftngj.fiH 

Left trigger 


Rig htt trigger 

Y button 

— B button 

— X button 

■ ■ A button 
" Black button 

White button 



xBox canraoLLEa s^ 

M Left trigger _ , _BrE^ __ 


© Left tfiuhibstick 

O START button 

® Dirscconal Pad 

# Blacl< buctan 

O White bLrtton 

O button' 
© butto n 
O button 


Steer Left/Right, , Roil/Hip :Car 

® Right thumbstick ■ Acc elerate 
O BACK button 

Handbrake flgck [Prentend]' 

Pause Menu 

■Steer Left/Right,- Roll/Flip Gar. 

Look, behind 

Change carriera 

Lock behind 

Handbrake Back [Front end) 



"\,„",^ '■ 


With rstings off the chart, Het Wheei3'"..Ssun!; Track Challersge"-' fsthe hottest, as well as the 
most ratreme game show out tliere, and Ryaii Storm™ is the cooi presenter, in each show, cirwers 
compete in dsat^ defying stunt chaiiengea and win sizzling ftast races to ssay un the ehovj. f^arfees 
drivers innpress the audience by beating the connpetition and pei"fenn!ng ttie cooi stunts tn win 
episodes, and better cars At tJie end of tite season, tlia driifer with the niost guts wiil cruise away 
in a Goid Piated Car as the Hot 'iWieeis™ Stunt Ti^ack CJiailenge*' Werid Charnpion. 

>- nwTtnngs 

Customize the game settings from the Options menu, Prcfite aSlows you to change to a different 
piayer or change the current settings for saving Hie game. 

Changs pPOfHa - S/fitch to a differani; piayer. 

Saue Gams - Ivlanuaiiy save your progress. I^ote- if you are piaying tfie game wttii Autosave 
turned on, the game w\\ repiariy ^i^ automaticatiy. and iiou do not need to use this 'Save 
Game' iption. 

Autosaue - Turn autosave on or off. 


Seiect the voiume siiders by pressing t or f. on the directionai pad or left thumb stici;. 
sntf press ♦• or •♦ to chEsnge tha vaiome. 

Sound Effects Votume - Set the ievei of tl^e sound effects witfi this option. 

Music Volume -Set the ieve! of tjie game music with this option. 

Speech Volume - Set the ieve? of Ryan Storm's'^' comnffintary with this option. 

>- tsamB f nnnms 

There are three' different types of event in Stunt Track Chaiienge'" Races. Stunt Chaiienges 
and Game Brealts. 

Stunt Challenges: Contestants talo turns to piay the stunt chaiienga one a; a time. Ttie airn 
is always to get as many points as possibie. There are many different ways to earn points! Earfi 
chaiienge has its own tasks and most of your points wiil eome from meeting those taslss, hot in 
mast cfiaiienges you ean pici< up extra points from performirsg stunts. 

flaces: You and five rivai contestants battie it out to be first over tiie finish iine. You are avuarded 
points after tiie race depending on how you placed. You dont get any points during a race - only 
winning mattei's! 

Game Breaks: in the Game Stiow ad breaks, you have the chanoe to e soaps! Ii-om the 
competition and coiiect decai tokens tfiat have been ieft iying around. Yco can swap tiiese tokens 
for cpo! Hot Wheeis™ decai s that you can use in the garage to customize your car in the Game 
Brejks yuii sec tlie sction from above, to beip you find those ebsiue tokens. Game Breaks are pniy 
seeri in Game Show mode. 

:3^ iMBGSfMite;.BHam. ^..^h^- 

Broyghti to yew by superetsr presetieef Ryan Storrn™, rffe-GarneSlstMf takes plac-e in the 
Si.uns Trad; Chailenge™, Ssatfium, a giant- arena surrounded by sin Danger Parks. Each episode 
taijBS place in the Stadium and one of l;he Parks 

tn S^nt Trank Chat!enge™, six cnntess^snts compete in two races and fnur stijnt challenges. 
Dlaying through them in order. In each event, ■'/aiill need to finish in tJie top three to go on to 
the nF«t event. The best score you managed to get will he added to the Episode Leader' Beard. 

Target Score - In the challenge events, the score you reeii to pass the challertge and ^ on ,, 
La the next event is shffljvn undK' Target: in ttia top right of t^e screen, Dnce you^;E passed ?;be 
challenge, ttie Target 5cofe clianges Eo show the sooi^ you need to get Into a higher position lor ttie 
event, ur if yoLiVe finished it in 1st place, VQur record socs^ to beai; Vkj can go bock to any chalienge 
tJiat you've passed, to trf tu best your recnrtl score and improve your Mai score for the ^isode. 

At tiie end of the show, the top three contestants on the Leadei' Soasxl go tliroogh to tfia next 
gissode. and the rest are sent home, to be replaced by tjiree new rivais in the next eplEode, 

Dnce yeu've finished an episode, you can go back to the episodes youVe completed and piay 
the events in any order; sa nnsny times as you wan!, tu ti-y to increase your SKere on the Leader 
Board, The garrte will continue to recoi'd the best score tliat you manage to get for eadi event, 
ao every time you beat; your own score tar an event you get a bit closer to tfie gold trophy! 

In each, episode, yoo can win decals in l:he Game Breaks, new wheels by winning races, and 
new oai-soy winning a sifver or gold trophy tor that episode. If you want the cootest customized 
Hot Wheels™ car out there, you need to take on the Game Showl The Game Show aisc 'unlocks' 
S'acks to play in Arcade mode. Before any traci: can be played in Ancsde mode, it mtist be 
played in Game Show mods f^rst. 

If you gee a gold trophy in every episode, you win she ultimate star prize. TTie Hot Wiieeis'" Stunt 
Track Qiallenge™ Gold Car! Tliis fully piaysble prize can be used in the reces to show everyone 
that you 31'e the Stunt Track Challenge* Master! 

Only {he first episode is unlocked when you start tfse game, but here's a teaser 
for all the episodes,, 

Jurassic Jam"- -Go back in time to 'A'hen the dinosaurs rxjie, and ttre mechasauros tool 

Spider Alley™ - Creepy cratwlles are e^/^yuvh^ie, and a certain ^ant sf^der ran't waJt to meet you. 

Buccaneer Bay'" - There's treasure everywhere in Biss pirate piaygr'ound, rne heaftses! Aarrtrr! i 

Tiki fslatnd™ - Tski heads and giant snakes; tiie ultimate, rumble in the ;ungle. 

Zero Gravity Zone"* - The ciosest you'Si get to outer space wiijwut your own rocket. 

Be careful though. In space there's a long way to fail. .| 

Laua .Land™ - Tilings are really heatrng up for die final showdown in Lava Land"". Dn!y one 
contestane-wjl.! walk'or drive unscattied from the smoke and fSames make sure it's you! 

- a anang* mnm* 

There are a bunch of different games in Arcade Mode: 

Quick Play - Once youVe piayed a Race or Challenge in Game Sham mode, it's open for you 
LD practice. The best time or score (or esch race on challenge is saved, along with l^e name of 
the record breaker who set it. To piay a raoa, choose Race Mode, choose a car. then choose a 
race tirack. Before racing, you can change various race settings (see beioy*). 

Muhipla)^ - ChoDSe Split Screen to conpete with ttruo to four players on a single Xbox consoie. 
Or, select System Link Play to connect op to 6 Xbox consoles (ofie person per console! When mens 
tJian fbur players are using System Link, car collision will not be detected. 

VS - If you have another controller in any controller port, you can race against a friend- The 
ganna will keep score of all the points you both earn, and show who's winning and losing. Before 
racing, you can change various race settings (see below). 

Ouickplay and VS race settings 

Laps - How many laps the race will last, between 3 and 9. [nine laps makes for a long race, 
so only choose this if you're a serious racer! . . 

Ai on/off - You can turn Uie computer-controlfed cars off so you and your buddy can race 
head to head, viiith no interference. Nice for those serious grudge matches. 

Stunt Battle - 'I'au and up to five friends ceh pick a bundi of Stunt Challenges and take turns 
playing through all to see who is the Stunt Master! First pick the number of players. Then, eacfi 
player must choose the controller they will be using by pressing the 4p! button - any number of 
players may share the same pad. Every piayer can enter their own name or change one of the 
existing names. 

Once everyone has chosen tbeir craitrolter and Uieir name, it's time to choose some ciiaiienges! 
You can pick up to eight, but you can pick less if you like. You can only play chajienges that havs 
been unlocked in Game Show mode. When you have selected the challenges you want, salecl 
"Start Battle" to begin. You play through one challenge at a time, keeping the same turn orter 
After everyone hes played a challenge, the Leader Board vuill be updated with everyone's scores. 
After placing through ail the challenges, the winner is the player with the most points! 



Wiiers you so to the Garage fi-om tfie main mem, pu can tjustamsB arty of ttie care vou've 
unlocked so far (yuu uniock.face cars by getting siiver nr gold troptiies in the Gsrne Shnwl. Fir'St; 
ctirose B type of car - Sports. I\/lyscie, Heavy, Cifiailenge or Goid {only aveiiabie once you've won 
ttia Gold Carl Voii can tjien nnowe tjie directionai pad or left tJiumlj sJicli ieft cc right to cfioose 
heMeen ttie cars you've untooked. Wtieo you've found the car you want, press the ® btjtton and 
then choose Customize. 

Your customizattoiii options are: 

Colors - Pick colon for your car witsi tJie difeccionai pad or left thumb stick, then press tfie 
@ kitten to keep it. If you press the © fjutton you'll revsrt back to the old color. 

Wheels - Seiect a wheel using She directional pari or left thumb stick. You can only select 
mheeis that have been Lsntocked. The others wi!l remain as a black outline and are 
not selectable. Press the Q button to keep the selected wheel, press © to keep the wheels 
you had atready. 

Decals - Pressing Decals tftrill bring up tKe foliovuing options: 

Hot Spot - Select this then press •♦■ or •♦ on tSie direcBonal pad nr Seft thumb stick to choose 
where on the car yiju want to put a new (Jecal Press the ® button to keep the selected Hot Spot, 
press the © button to go back to pi-euioos the Hot Spot. 

Change dec»l -SeSect this end then move around the decals using the dsrectinnai pad 
of left thLimb stick. The decal you ha/e selected wiii get bigger to shovn it's selected, and the 
car will shOPA' the deca! in the main window. Press the Q button to keep the current decaS, 
press the © button to go back to t^s decai you had previously. 

Place Decals ~ Selecting this inrtll bring up the decai placing options: 

Move decal - Select ttiis and then use the directional pad or left thumb stici; to move the 
decal around. Press the © button to keep the CAirrent position, press the © button to go back 
to t^e position you had previously. 

Scaie decal - SeSect this and then use the directional. pad or left thumb stick to change 
the lengtJi and height of the decal. Press the © button t^i keep the current size, press the 
© button tn go back to previous size. 


Rotate dacal - Stdleci; ih^s and liien use the directlanaj pad or left thumb stick to spin tlie 
decal around. Press the @ button to keep ttie current angle, press the © button to ga back 
to the previous angle, "■■^- . , 

Select ttie Accept option whenever you are happy with the changes you've made. 

On the main customization screen, the Done option will saue the customiiation you've made 
to your car. Go into a race with the car to check out your cool customization in action! 

Speedometer - This shows ycur current speed. 

BooBting - if you have enough Boost Energy (see Boost Bar helow), when you press vouf tw 
ivjil be given a temporarv speed tjoost. You can use tliis to get past your riuals or to get goinij E)5fain 
quiiidy if you craEb. You can also use it on jumps. If you are tinosting you will jump further, wti^li mtt 
enable you to reach secret routes or shortcuts. 

BcHiet bar -This shows hovLi much Boost Energy you have. When ynu haue a smafi Ofwudt 
but not enough to boost, the bar will be blue. When you have enough to boost, the bar »ili tun 
red - now you can activate a speed boost J Flames on the Boost Bar show hovif long tfie \xmwi% 
lasts. When the flames go out, your speed returns to normal. 

Note - Ybii start off wUtt a small Boost Bar but you can win cars with biggm" BotM (Ha/Ti 
in Game Show mode. 

Stunts - Pulling spins and flips in the air during a jump is the best way to keep the tm^i 
happy, and earn some more Boost Energy. To perform a stunt, press -^ ori^ ■f w 4 ti*i ir-.(» 
directional pad or left thumb stick and the cers mrtll spin in that direction. Keep hnWdig Xlim 
d inaction in the air, end the cars will keep spinning. Let go when you Vifont the flUjfit Iti mni 
The more spins you do, tlie more Boost Energy and points you'll earn IChallangHS iwivl f<Ami: 
sure you land the cars praperly, though -- if you mess up the landing, you dcn't aoi ti^» fi;tfw "■'■. 
Tr/ to vary the direction of your stunts as wed. If you keep doing different stuntu ^m mv 
awarded bonus Boost Energy. 

Tvwo Wheels - Pressing the @ button plus -^ or »♦ on the directional pad at- !«th. ibxavi.} 
stick wii! make the car drive up onto two wheels and do a Bicycling maneuver. W>«'s i,*<lb!>ii,!nj 
a Bicycling maneuver, your car turns a bit better so you can get around comers fmsrts pa-nit !" 
challenges you also get points - the Innger you can maintain a Bicycling nianmjv^r Kiw, iivif. 
points you'll get. If you hit a well or try to drive up some of the more extramo j}f«ii i.)l«t. tmr 
tracks, you'll fall back onto all four wheels. Watch out ■ if you do a Bicyciinti msnusBi-.! '■■i-A s tttvi 
on the edge of the track, you might even fall offi 

Power slide - Pressing the © button while turning will svi'ing the back of ytt.jr- 1 
help you do a cool slide round those t^ght corners. Power sliding on straight (a- w? 
slow you down more than you need it to, so watch where you use ill 

Checkpoints ~ VWienever you go thrnugh a checkpoint you will have snms (#»« )»ii ii-- >««# i.^ 
Remaining' counter If this runs out before you get to the neict checkpoint, you'ns «•■(. ui !!i? !:■,«»!' 


Chaasing a car - There ana tliffersnt typfts ut Hoi >//[iE(.'io'" car*, to bt (lon ami > -i i i' j I 

with ttiei!' awn styfe •- exoeiment with dif E'ent i^ari to 'ltd the i igre una fo'' vui^' The un cr, uwfi 
types of cars sre-. 

Spprts - Quick off thB mark and good at cameftng Ijut with a iuw lop speed. Sports cars iiiie 
a4/s<i'ffin™ are ideai Ibr bEgirmers. 

Muscle - Good ail-arounders. not as good as cornering as the sports cars boE a t;it fester. 
Take a musde car like Rodger Dodger* for a test drive and see how it compares. 

Heavy - Thase big boys are the true expert's car - slow off Che mark, but If wu can get a heay 
aar lite IVtep Duty® 'raund shosa tight corners you can open ;jp s serious lead over vrour rivaSs. 

:>— oitaasaiaMi aajmrntamoL 

Your car has an onboard computer tfiat shavs you how you are doing by displaying info on your 
'heaiJB up display'. <x HUD for short, Yaur onboard computer will aisc givs you instructions far each 
erent. It changes depending on whether ycuVe piayjng a Roce, e Stunt Challenge or a Geme Break. 

:>- a/UZE-MMMML 

local race time 

(terrene lap tinse 

Current 1^ 

Time remaining 
Positiw in J71Q rar>e 

BoDEt Bar 


Tjow remBlning 

"Vhe min'murr^ Gccre 
to gdvgnce 

j . BgtKt Bar 

:7^%: ' I 



Tjir« rRnaininu 

Pirkupn cnllc^c^tisd 

>- OMS. THlBfiaSUL 

There's morE on Ehe road besides Hot Wheels"-' cars! Yaij'll aisa see the foiiawing 
feawres on most tracks. 



Boost pickup -This adds Boosi: Energy to pur Boost Bar 

Trigger -When you rfriue throiigli these frigger cioltups, the force field blocldng 
a shuFtcuJ; up ahead imii be lowered. Races tirly. 

Cratas - Smasii tiese tar ptsmts. If you smash all tiie crates in a level ynu get 
a big points bonus. Challenges only 

Decal tokens - Only seen in the Game Breaks, you neeiJ la collect these to otjen 
the fixsL and to trade tor new decals. These loEjk different in aach ei^sisode but you 
Should tie able to spol Biem okay. 

Bombs - Watch out for these! if you hit a bomb your car will skid out and lose 
some speed. The effects only Sast for a few seconds, then your car returns 
to normal. 


Barriers - Barriers hai/e been placed on the track, to 'belti' players take ttie right 
racing line - at teest that's viliat Ryan Storm'" saysl These obstacles wont demege 
your car hut might slaw yuu dawn slightly. 

Zip Strips - Blue arToyus on the track will speed up yoor car. 
Trii to get an these! 

Rumble Strips - Bed strips on the rosd will slow your car down. 
Ti-y to stay off these!